Air show announcers Ric Peterson, Rob Reider and Matt Jolley talk about airshows and the people that make them happen.


SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast - Matt's jet lagged but home, Ric's out still west and Rob's recording from the community center (the only source for internet) on the tiny island in Maine known as Isle Au Haut.  This time of year nearly everyone is out west for the big west coast swing.  Miramar, California Capital, The Great Pacific Air Show and San Francisco Fleet Week are all covered on this episode - plus why we love the business so much.  If you truly can't find anything else to do - have a listen.

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September 24, 2019

Oops We Did It Again!

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast - We did it for the money!  There's just too much to explain about this episode.  If you've listened to the rest of the shows, and still have nothing better to do with your time, take a listen.  

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PROP WASH - In full disclosure, the best parts of this recording will never see the light of day; however, we left in some useful stuff about our recent events.  If you're still reading this and seriously can't find anything better to do with your time, take a listen!

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September 4, 2019

Bad Jokes and Shameless Ads

PROP WASH - On this episode, lame jokes and shameless plugs leave Ric wondering why he even bothered dialing in.  Take a listen if you truly have nothing else better to do.

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PROP WASH - On this episode Rob and Ric find the bleeper and Matt discovers the RAF Red Arrow's announcer looks like Bob Saget.  Save yourself the half hour and don't bother listening.  Oh yeah...the guys also talk about snapping turtles.  Seriously, just don't listen.

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PROP WASH - Aviator PPG guru and Paradigm Aerobatic Team announcer Eric Farewell joins Ric, Rob and Matt for their 10th episode.  Take a listen, take a flight.  Info on all things Eric can be found below.  Enjoy the show!

QUICK LINK:  Eric Farewell's Website

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PROP WASH - Ric gets a new call sign, air shows battle it out for the top ten and a local weather forecaster may in-fact be a computer.  Download now and share this episode of Show Center or whatever we're calling it this week.  Thanks for listening!

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May 29, 2019

Bull Sh** & New York

PROP WASH - This episode Michael Goulian joins us with news about the end of the Red Bull Air Races plus Ric and Rob share stories about their recent visit to New York.  Yup, the title is correct bull sh** and New York - it's all here.  Oh yeah, Ric gushes about his "phenomenal" trip home.

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May 15, 2019

What’s In A Name?

PROPWASH - We have a name!  As Ric points out, it should've included the word pathetic - but - we have a name.  Our thanks to everyone we threw under the bus on this episode, but especially Kent and Wayne.  

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May 1, 2019

Don’t Play With It!

RIC ROB MATT - This episode the guys talk speed and Ric explains his quote: "Just because you found it..."  Please comment below with your choice of a show name!

Nominated Names

1.  Inside Loop

2.  Lean of Peak

3.  Below Minimums

4.  Prop Wash

5.  Three Point

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